The story of Marmelade Garden

The beauty, the taste and the colours of seasonal fruit inspired our team to create Marmalade garden – a garden full of gorgeous, perfectly crafted marmalade made with love.

During the summer season we pick and choose the most ripe and fragrant fruit, first and foremost Czech, which we then process in Prague's Fresh Factory so you can enjoy the fruits of nature all year round.


We take pride in fresh and first-class ingredients, which we carefully select, consult, taste and import from around the world.


We love the flavours and aromas of fresh fruit and love to create amazing combinations of flavours – the fruit in our kitchen is complemented with ripe nuts, our own spices, fresh lemon grass, raisins, chocolate, pickled olives, truffles, as well as quality liqueurs, champagne, or, for example, hot tastes of pleasantly pungent ginger or chilli.


We do not use chemical preservatives, stabilizers or artificial flavors in our production. We let nature do the magic for us.




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